The basic concept of a pumping test is very simple: water is abstracted by pumping or bailing from a borehole, thus lowering the water level. The water abstraction, leveling and the pumping rate are monitored over time, along with various other parameters if possible such as water levels in observation boreholes

The way in which the water levels respond to the pumping is then analyzed to derive information about the performance characteristics of the borehole and the hydraulic Properties of the aquifer. One can infer information about the borehole and aquifer only by observing how the water level changes in response to pumping.


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  • Why do we undertake pumping tests?

    To determine the reliable long-term yield or safe yield of a borehole and how many people it will be able to supply. To assess the hydraulic performance of a borehole, usually in terms of its yield-drawdown characteristics. How much drawdown does it take to yield a certain amount of water

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